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A Culture of Sharing

When we have excess food after an event, we share it with our friends at Innervision. Innervision supports people dealing with trauma and mental health challenges, and in April 2023 recognized Something Classic as sharing 1,000,000 meals (and counting!) over the years with their residents. We’ve also helped them plant a garden so residents can enjoy a steady supply of fresh, healthy foods from their own backyard! 

Donation Requests

We support non-profit groups with food donations or donations-in-kind. We are a small business with limited resources, but we do all we can to support our neighbors – such as sharing gift certificates for fundraising auctions or employee recognition. Let us know how we may help you.


Non-Profit Discounts

The mission of our parent company, The Mother Earth Group, is to, “Nurture One Another, Our Community and Our Earth.” That’s why we offer a 10% discount to non-profit organizations on catered events, as well as dining experiences at our restaurants.

Green Goddess Alliance

Everyone who joins us—as guests, vendors, and employees—joins our Green Goddess Alliance. When you choose Something Classic, you choose a caterer committed to recycling, composting, choosing organic lettuces and all-natural, antibiotic-free meats, and sharing excess food with neighbors in need. This work to reduce our environmental impact has been recognized with a Green Award by the Charlotte Business Journal.

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