By - Catherine Luckadoo

Something Classic Wedding Stylist

My absolute favorite television show is Friends. I’ve seen every episode at least five, ok probably ten, times and if a rerun is on, I am bound to get hooked...especially if it is the iconic “Pivot”

episode. Watching characters Ross, Rachel and Chandler try to get a giant couch up a flight of New York City apartment stairs while Ross yells “Pivot!” with increasing volume and exaggerated pronunciation is by far one of the most hilarious television scenes ever filmed.

The word “pivot” has always made me chuckle, but since COVID-19 has dramatically changed the world as we know it, the word has taken

on a much more serious meaning. It has, instead, become emblematic of the way society is being forced to function, and the ways our

businesses, like those in the events industry, must now operate.