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Our Safety Dance

  • Staff continues to follow strict hand-washing routines as required by the Mecklenburg County Health Department for food preparation.  This has been a regular habit in normal circumstances.

  • All of our culinary team, event staff, and delivery drivers are required to wear masks and gloves at all times when preparing, serving, and delivering your food. 

  • Temperatures are checked and logged for all staff when they clock-in for the day.   Visitors' temperatures are also logged when they visit our kitchens.

  • Our staff self-monitors for any symptoms and anyone showing any signs of sickness is not permitted to be at work.

  • Hand sanitizers are located at all doors for our employees and delivery drivers as well as for guests at pickup.  Hand sanitizers will be readily available for our guests at all full-service events and for our restaurant customers when we open for dining service.

  • Back door handles, entry pads, door handles, light switches, sink handles, and equipment handles are being sanitized every two hours.

  • Our kitchens and restaurants are deep-cleaned twice weekly by an outside service.

  • We provide contact-free delivery or curbside pickup so everyone can still enjoy great food experiences.   We will text or call you a few minutes before we arrive at your home or business and then drop your order on your front porch.  We will be wearing new gloves for each delivery.

  • You have been extremely generous to our staff during this time.    Thank you for your support.  Please avoid cash tips for the safety of our delivery drivers, servers, and cashiers.  You can tip the staff online at check-out.

  • Having a party and you want a buffet?  No worries.  Our event team has developed several options for serving large and small groups . . . all while keeping your guests and our event staff safe.

  • Need a location for a larger group or wedding?  We have you covered!  Currently, you can only entertain groups indoors with 10 guests or less (and 25 guests outdoors.)  unless... you hold your event at a restaurant with 50% capacity.  Our restaurants and partner Morehead Inn all have restaurant licenses and are available whether that be with Something Classic, Halcyon, or Fern.  This is a great option for your graduation party, meeting, or wedding.


       Thank you for everything you are doing to keep you and your family healthy.  Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests and staff.   The Mother Earth Group is taking this situation very seriously and diligently researching so that we can be on the leading edge of food safety.   We are mindful that we need to be as nimble as possible throughout this unprecedented process of reopening the hospitality world and will keep you posted on how our business evolves and any modifications to our daily practices.   This is a community effort and we want to keep dancing safely together.

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