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Board Retreat

Select your choice of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

provided by Junior League for March 26th. 

Make sure you order all 3 meals  by MIDNIGHT on Wednesday, March 24 for Friday, March 26th dinner delivery . . . just in time for your Junior League Board Meeting.

How to order: 

1. Select which Breakfast  meal you would like & add that to your cart

2. Continue that same process for Lunch & Dinner 

3. Once all three meals have been chosen - proceed to your cart 

4. Enter your individual code in the "promo code" and hit apply 

- your total should be $0 - 

5. Continue with check out & Place order

6. Make sure you got a delivery confirmation & enjoy! 

If any problems arise call the main office at 704.377.4202



  Choose 1 Breakfast: 

 The Southerner- 

The Classic Quiche Lorraine with Spinach, Caramelized Onions & Bacon 

Fresh Fruit Salad & Fresh Orange Juice 

The Continental (Vegetarian& Gluten- Free) 

Vanilla Greek Yogurt 

Gluten- Free Granola

Peanut Butter- Coconut Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies 

Fresh Fruit Salad & Fresh Orange Juice

Click the picture below to order 

Choose 1 Sandwich or Salad (Includes Sun Chips):

Tarragon Chicken Salad: 

Hormone- Free, Breast-Meat Chicken Salad Tossed with Grapes, Red Onions, & Walnuts Finished with Arcadia Lettuce & Tomato

Strawberry Fields Wrap: 

Hormone- Free Grilled Chicken, Baby Spinach & Strawberries tossed with Toasted Almonds & Balsamic Vinaigrette 

California Turkey and Avocado Wrap: 

Prepared with Hormone- Free Turkey Breast, Cucumber Mayonnaise,  Arcadia Lettuce & Tomato 

Southern Sammie 

Sliced Pork Loin with Spicy Peach Compote Arugula & Goat Cheese on Sour Dough 

Caprese Baguette 

Tomato, Basil, & Fresh Mozzarella with Balsamic Glaze 

Poppy Seed Egg Salad Croissant 

Served with Sliced Tomato 

Turkey & Dilled Havarti on Sour Dough 

Prepared with Hormone- Free Turkey, Cucumber Mayonnaise, Tomato & Arcadia Lettuce 

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap 

Hormone- Free Chicken, Romaine, Shredded Parmesan & Caesar Dressing 

Shanghai Salad with Sesame Chicken

(Gluten- Free) 

Crisp Romaine Topped with Glass Noodles, Red Cabbage, Carrot Ribbons, Red Bell Peppers, Toasted Almonds & Scallions with Sesame Vinaigrette 

Thai Noodle Salad (Vegan & Gluten Free) 

Romaine Hearts, Cellophane Noodles, Cucumbers, Carrots, Cilantro, Fresh Mint, Scallions, Cashews & Sesame Soy Dressing 

Dessert Selection: 

World Peace Cookie 

Peanut Butter Cup Cookie 

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Click the picture below to order


Choose 1 Entree (Includes Side Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette):

Chicken Parmesan 

BBQ Chicken 

Lemon Chicken Piccata

Chicken Marsala 

Charleston Shrimp & Grits 

Farmhouse Meatloaf 

Chicken Tettrazini 

Shrimp Penne Pasta 

Sherry Poached Chicken 

Black Bean Lasagne 

Sausage Lasagne 

Curry Chicken Divan 

Chicken Tettrazini 

Chicken Cacciatore 

Eggplant Parmesan 

Choose 1 Dessert 

Lemon Raspberry Bar 

Nutty Coconut Bar 

Cheesecake Brownie

Click the picture below to order


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