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We receive many inquiries from guests about the destination of our food leftovers.  Most of our party excesses are donated to our friends at Innervision in Uptown Charlotte.  Dr. Cheryl Nicholas and her staff work hard at providing comprehensive recovery-oriented resources and services as well as support the employment, education, and wellness needs of individuals with psychiatric disabilities.  Innervision recently recognized Something Classic for donating over 500,000 meals to Innervision residents and for inspiring healthy eating as well... And, then the Innervision garden was planted!


We appreciate all the good work that you are doing for our community and would like to consider helping you and your non-profit organization through either a food donation or donation-in-kind. In the ideal world, we would like to help every organization who has a need; however, as a small business, our resources are limited to helping either one organization per month in a way that has a significant impact or several organizations in one given month with gift certificates that can be used for fund-raising auctions or employee recognition.   



We honor the work that you and your non-profit organization are doing for our community and would like to consider you for our Non-Profit Community Friends Program. Our mission at The Mother Earth Group is to “Nurture One Another, Our Community and Our Earth.” As one of our Community Friends, we want to support your good community works by extending a 10% discount to your organization on catered events from Something Classic & Daisy Catering as well as dining experiences at our restaurant and café locations. 


What is the Green Goddess Alliance?
A mindset designed to align ourselves with Mother Earth

Just by being a guest, vendor, or employee of Something Classic, you have joined the Alliance!  Our path began many years ago with a desire to put an end to filling our dumpster up with leftover food, paper, and glass from our parties. The impact that a few commitments in our business have been huge to our environment.   Our largest completely compostable event was for the opening party of the Democratic National Convention for 15,000 guests.


Recognized with a coveted Green Award by the Charlotte Business Journal 

Our Commitments: 

  • Recycle cans, glass, paper & cardboard at all catered events, kitchen facility & cafes

  • Replace electricity usage with 100%

  • renewable energy . . . wind & solar

  • Replace our disposable plastics with

  • “Eco-Chic” products that are biodegradable

  • Complete use of plates, forks & cups made from corn, sugar cane & potatoes

  • Support local North Carolina farmers & sustainable initiatives wherever possible

  • Replace menu items with all-natural, antibiotic-free meats & organic lettuces

  • Donate leftover food to local homeless shelters & other special needs projects


Something Classic partners with Javesca Coffee and for every bag of coffee brewed, Javesca purchases four meals of food to help those throughout the world who have little to no food. Their goal is simple – to provide the best coffee and together end unnecessary hunger. The concept for Javesca was born from years of mission trips providing food for poverty-stricken people in Guatemala. While there, Craig and Marilyn Bollinger were served the best coffee they had ever tasted. They were struck by the idea that sharing amazing coffees from around the world could be the catalyst for feeding many people in need.

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