A unique collaboration with our local farmers, Something Classic & the Carolina Farm Trust.    We have two soups currently available:

GOLDEN SOUP - Carolina Gold Rice with Golden Roasted Chicken, Mild Curry, Leeks, Onions, Red Garlic, Carrots & Greens.


FREE DELIVERY with $35.00 Order or $10.00 delivery.  Each quart serves 2-3 people

     Our Stone Soup premise is a full-circle recipe for our community. Let's create a scratch soup made exclusively from products grown and raised from our local farmers.  For every soup purchased, Carolina Farm Trust with your help donates a mason jar quart of healthy soup to an organization in need.  The "Stone Soup" concept involves the community with their purchase, puts our SC culinary staff to work, and then feeds someone in need all while supporting our local farmers and providing a nutritious meal.  When you purchase our Stone Soup you can ear-mark where the soup will be donated: Historic West End Partners, Dilworth Soup Kitchen, West BLVD Neighborhood Coalition, HEAL Charlotte, Latin America Coalition, Supportive Housing Communities, Project 658 & Charlotte LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.


Special thanks to our SPONSORS: The Charlotte Hornets & Ally Financial

2 Quarts = 2 Quarts Donated 


AND, reverence to our farmers:

Evans Family Farm: Organic Ground Beef/Soup Bones - Off Grid in Color: Chicken

Coldwater Creek Farm: Carrots/Celery - Brewington Farm: Spring Onions  - Wild Hope Farm: Oregano

Barbee Farm: Kale/Green Garlic - Urban Gourmet Farm: Oyster Mushrooms - Nebedaye Farms: Garlic - Harmony Ridge: Carrots - Correll Farms: Onions - Anson Mills: Carolina Gold Rice -